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Welcome to the website of Cradil of Face

Cradil of Face is a guild on Eonar (EU) Horde side dedicated to experiencing the new end-game content of The Wrath Of The Lich King expansion pack while fostering mature and rewarding friendships in a team atmosphere.

Working together in new and exciting dungeons, raids, and PvP encounters are means; having fun and success is the end loot is the secondary reward of our labors.

We expect maturity, civility, dedication, and the ability to pay attention, learn dynamically and also to poke fun at yourself when needed.

A Cradil of Face Member is Expected To:

1)  Display mature, reasonable behavior.

2)  Not apply to other guilds while wearing our tag.

 Applying to other guilds while still utilizing the advantages of Cradil of Face is disrespectful to the Guild members. If you want to pursue greener pastures, I wish you well, but Cradil of Face’s efforts are not going to help you get there or make your gear better for your application with some bigger and better guild.

3)  Check our website/forums/ingame callender every few days.

Important information, instance schedules, and general guild conversation take place here.

4)  Help and be considerate of your guildmates.

If you’re in a zone and someone asks for help, HELP THEM

Passing on gear that’s a major upgrade for a guildmate while only a minor upgrade for you (or not really tailored to your spec) is a common occurrence in Cradil of Face and a major testament of character. 

Guild members found to be pilfering gear, selling things on the side, saying they need something then auctioning it to get money, etc, will be dealt with swiftly and severely. We’re a team. Make the TEAM better, not just yourself.

5)  Listen and follow directions in appropriate tactical situations.

In return, Cradil of Face members can expect:

1)  To be treated with respect.

2)  To have your concerns heard (at appropriate times) and considered for action.

3)  To have a rewarding time online with friends.   


In order to apply to the guild you must create a account on
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